The "Pa Ola" Technique



      The "Pa Ola Hawaiian Holistic Healing Technique" can be traced back 500 years ago, through the lineage of the "Pe Ľa" Ohana (family), on the island of Hawaii.

      Kahuna Lomilomi Alva Andrews remembers, as a kid, when people would come over to the house, and his grandma and grandpa would make people feel better from their aches and pains. Starting with a pule (prayer), and then a good old fashion lomi lomi, followed by a crack and a pop to align the posture, Alva learned at an early age the healing and spiritual effects of lomi lomi.

      After getting out of the military, Kumu Alva Andrews studied with Lomilomi Master, Kumu John Kalua, Ho'oponopono Master, Aunty Abbie Napeahi and Hindu Master, Gaush Supun. He is also a practitioner of Lua (Hawaiian matial arts) with the lua group, Pa Ku'i a Holo, on the island of Oahu. Like his ancestors long ago Alva Andrews believes, the spirit of the individual must be healed, only then can permanent health be possible. Lokahi (Balance and Unity) of the mind, body, and soul is a must for total well-being.


Pa Ola: Hawaiian Holistic Healing

Oli Kahea

Ho'oponopono/kuka kuka

Deep Tissue Lomilomi massage

Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Cleansing and Restoration

   Energy Strengthening, Circulation, and Balancing

 Blood Oxygenizing, and Circulation

Lymphatic Drainage

 Posture Alignments